LANL Accelerator R&D and Production Portfolio

  • Automated Process Control for Industrial Production of Alkali Antimonide Photocathodes is a LANL-led collaboration with industry partners that aims to conduct work on the automated photocathode growth technology maturation, including extensions for bi-alkalis and RF sputtering sources and development of commercial growth recipes. 
  • The Advanced Adaptive Control Systems for Compact Accelerators project focuses on developing optimal and adaptive controls and diagnostics for compact particle accelerators that utilize feedback control theory and machine learning towards autonomous tuning and start-up of compact accelerators.
  • Manufacturing full-scale high gradient copper accelerators: Electron beam welding and allied processes - This project will define the current and future needs concerning electron beam welded, high gradient RF structures, and develop a manufacturing sequence for the 3-cell test structure following EBW process standards. 
  • The High-Efficiency Klystron with Post Acceleration project goal is to complete the planned, fabricated, low-power tested, and assembled experiment, demonstrating the enhancement of the harmonic current in a prebunched electron beam.