In energy systems research, the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center (NISAC), a program created by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, utilizes Los Alamos’ modeling and simulation tools to identify the vulnerabilities and failure modes of a broad selection of critical national infrastructures. NISAC provides comprehensive, quantitative analyses to better understand the wide variety of threats and solutions to the nation’s infrastructures.

Through internal Laboratory investments and subsequent partnerships with the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Electricity (OE), Los Alamos has built on this expertise to support the modernization of the Nation’s electrical grid and critical energy infrastructures.



The following selected projects highlight how DOE energy programs leverage Laboratory capabilities and how Los Alamos is furthering the overarching goals of the Department.

Power Planning for Alignment of Climate and Energy Systems (PACES) 

Grid Research, Integration, and Deployment for Quantum (Grid-Q) 

Grid Optimization Competition

Grid Science Winter School and Conference

Robust Real-Time Control, Monitoring, and Protection of Large-Scale Power Grids in Response to Extreme Events

Hybrid Learning Assisted Optimization Methods for Uncertainty Management and Corrective Control

Weather Outage Prediction Model

Optimized Resilience for Distribution and Transmission Systems

Space Weather Mitigation Planning

North American Energy Resilience Model

Energy Resilience for Mission Assurance

Resilient Operations of Networked Microgrids




Los Alamos National Laboratory partners with industry, universities, energy consumers, and other national laboratories through collaborative R&D initiatives sponsored by the US Department of Energy.

Advanced Grid Modeling Research Program (AGM)

Grid Modernization Initiative (GMI)

North American Energy Resilience Model (NAERM)

Microgrid Research & Development (MRD)

Grid Optimization Competition (ARPA-e GO)



Microgrid Software Program at Los Alamos Lab Honored

Microgrid modeling

This is not your grandparent’s power grid

Grid (un)locked: Carbon-neutral future depends on updating how we make, move and store electricity

Out of the dark

Grids should be on the decarbonization radar

How single particles of light can protect power grids

New open-source software predicts impacts of extreme events on grids

Protecting the power grid with physics